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Protect future vacations.

Hummingbook only shows appointments available in the next 14, 30, 90, 365—you name it—days. Who else guards your TBD Hawaii vacation? ⛵️

Are you thinking that if you open your schedule up to online booking, clients will be able to schedule whenever, where ever?

“What if my client schedules something six weeks from now and bungles up my not-yet-planned vacation plans??”

Be not afraid. We got you covered kemosabe.

You decide how far in advanced you want Hummingbook to book you.

Two weeks out? Two months? More? Less? It’s totally up to you. Most people stick with the default three month look ahead time, but, the world is your oyster.

E.g. Say you set your schedule to be available every Friday from here to eternity. Then say you adjust your look ahead time to be one month. That means Hummingbook only shows your next four Fridays as available. In other words, you don’t constantly have to update your hours. They roll with you.

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Ask clients custom questions.

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Take your life back.

Try the don’t-make-me-think booking app™ free for 30 days. Simple setup. Risk-free guarantee. Pay-as-you-go pricing.