Privacy policy

All your info is carefully placed under lock and key. We treat your info like we’d want our own treated.

The bottom line? We never give out your info for any reason whatsoever, unless a) where it makes sense for your clients during booking or b) is required by law (which has never happened and will likely never happen).

Read on for the gory details.

Your appointments

Your clients never see appointments you have scheduled with other clients, only your availability. We never give your appointment info out to anyone. Our team might see your appointments, but only for setup, improvement, testing, etc.

Your name, email address, phone number, and business address

Your name, email address, phone number, and business address will only be shared with your clients when they book they book with you. That’s a good thing.

Everyone else in the world sees nothing. We never give, sell, or hand out your info—your name, email address, phone number, and business address—to anyone. The thought of such a thing is simply repulsive to us. It. Never. Will. Happen. (Unless required by law).

We might email you about product improvements or if we have exciting news. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Your clients

Your clients are yours. Not ours or anyone else’s. We’ll never sell or hand out their information. (Our team might see your clients’ info, but only for support, improvement, or testing.)

Your clients will receive confirmation and notification messages regarding their appointment, otherwise we wouldn’t be terribly useful.

We might ask your clients here and there how they felt about our service so we can improve it for you (and them).

Your Google calendars

By using Hummingbook, you’re granting Hummingbook access to the calendar portion of your Google account.

Hummingbook creates two new, Google calendars called Appointments and Availability.

Hummingbook uses these two calendars to store your availability and your appointments. (If it didn’t, Hummingbook wouldn’t be very useful to you as an online booking system!)

Technically, Hummingbook can access (read, write, delete) all your Google calendars & events. However, in practice, Hummingbook only reads/writes events to the two aforementioned calendars (unless you specifically instruct us to connect to a different calendar.)

In general, Hummingbook does’t muck with (aka: read/write/delete) your other calendars.

Hummingbook also automatically shares your Appointments and Availability calendars with a member of our support team. (e.g. This is so we can quickly help you if needed, for product improvement, testing, and tuning on your account. You can change access levels to these calendars or revoke access at anytime via your Google Calendar settings.

You can also revoke Hummingbook’s access to your Google Calendar account entirely with one click.

Your Google account

We can’t access other portions of your Google account. Your Google Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, and anything else in your Google account is off limits to us. We only have access to your Google Calendar.

And of course, your Google password is never shared with us.

See Google’s privacy policy for their rules regarding your info.

Our Servers

When you’re on our website everything is encrypted and secured. That means nobody can intercept your email address or password or any other account info. Look for the padlock in your browser’s title bar for the warm fuzzies.

Your password

We never see or know your password. In fact, we can’t recover your password even if we tried. It gets totally encrypted. That’s why if you forget it, we’ll have to have you reset it—because we don’t know it. (It’s a mishmash of numbers and letters on our end.)

You made it to the bottom

Wow. You made it to the bottom. Nice work! You’re thorough… like us. Shoot. That was a self-serving compliment… tooting our own horn again. It probably stems from the founder’s childhood. Sorry.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, help the founder repair his troubled past 😉 by validating him and his worth and try Hummingbook for free.

Private, secure, and all around magical.

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