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Hummingbook is a one-of-a-kind booking app for iPhone-loving beauty pros craving a gorgeous, don’t-make-me-think booking experience for their clients—and themselves.

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Risk-free, money-back guarantee

If you ever stop loving Hummingbook, tell us. We’ll refund your last month and cancel your account. It’s that simple.

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5 star review for hummingbook online booking app

Made more $$$ immediately

“Awesome. Hummingbook tells people how long their appts will be. Clients always ask me this. The best part? That one appointment—my first one with Hummingbook—netted me an extra $30. And the first person to ever book should have been the biggest pain in the a$$. Nope. She just booked. No questions. No texts. No problems.”

Mark Y.
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No apps

Book clients directly into your built-in iPhone Calendar without dowloading an app. (Clients can book from any device.) More…

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Lightning bookings

Schedule clients in seconds by replying to texts with “hb”—it’s that easy. More…

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Gap-less days

Enjoy a hole-free, no-gaps schedule. No more waiting between appointments. More…

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Iron-clad privacy

Steer clear of stalkers trying to figure out your go-home times. Your hours are never listed nor are your filled slots ever shown. More…

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Persuade clients to book more and think less. Our don’t-make-me-think philosophy is packed into every pixel. More…

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Stress melter

Take back your life and melt the stress of scheduling forever. More…

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Cut down no-shows with automatic email reminders. More…

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Optimized for phones

Give your clients a stellar first impression: Booking on iPhone, Android, or any other device is beautiful and grandma-simple.

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Instagram booking

Paste your custom Hummingbook link into your IG bio so clients can book without bothering you.

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Facebook booking

Convert your Facebook page into a booking machine with the “Book Now” button.

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Unlimited bookings

Book as many clients as you want each month. There are no limits.

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Weave some wiggle room into your day. More…

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Vacation protection

Prevent clients from stealing your vacations by limiting how far in advance they can book. More…

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Multiple locations

Meet in multiple locations, skype, or phone. Contact us to turn this on. More…

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Preliminary questions

Ask your clients preliminary questions so you know what to expect before they walk through your door. More…

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Paperless forms

Ditch the paper mess and create your own custom, digital notice that clients quickly sign prior to booking. More…

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Easy hours editing

Edit your hours at the drop of a hat right from your phone’s built-in calendar. There’s nothing to download or log into. More…

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Custom link

Paste your link anywhere for clients to book.

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Calendar sharing

Share your schedule so you stay coordinated with your spouse, suite mate, assistant, etc. More…

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Contact info

Tuck away your contact info so clients nudge you only if they have questions.

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Unlimited services

Display every service you offer without hitting limits.

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Service details

Upsell clients by listing enticing details for each service.

a teeny price tag

Haggle stopper

End haggling by listing all your prices in plain sight.

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No-touch cancellations

Allow clients to cancel appointments online. You’re both sent confirmations. Theirs nudges them to reschedule.

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Let clients select multiple services—instead of just one—and make more money per booking.

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Constant backups

Sleep easy—your schedule is always backed up. More…

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Legendary support

Text our support humans day or night and get a friendly response—typically in minutes (unless they’re sleeping).

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Free for life

Refer 10 friends and get Hummingbook free for life; each paying referral saves you 10%. More…

Give Hummingbook a try
FREE 30 day trial No card required
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5 star review for hummingbook online booking app

Giddy with delight

“People are starting to book directly from the website after they’ve found us via Internet search. We are giddy with delight to see an unknown name on the schedule without having a previous call/text/email associated with it! Does it ever get old to hear how completely fantabulous you are?”

Lori C.
Body Waxer