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64,175 appts booked No credit card required Cancel any time
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So easy for everyone to use

“Sooooo… I posted my link on fb. Got 3 new clients to book via Hummingbook. It’s so easy for everyone to use… and I love the “notes” peeps write me! Do u know that I LOVE you?! 😉”

Leslie B.
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Here’s what you get

Will I be charged when my 14-day trial is up?

No. We don’t ask for a credit card to try Hummingbook, so we can’t charge you unless you decide to become a customer. It’s 100% your call. Zero surprises.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not. You pay month-to-month. Cancel anytime for any reason. Just send an email saying you’re done and, poof, we’ll be out of your life. No contracts. No hassles. (I’ll cry. But time heals all wounds.)

Are there other plans?

Not at the moment. Interested? Shoot us an email with a sentence—or twenty. Otherwise we won’t know. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe?

What happens after my trial is up?

If you hit the end of your trial *without* entering your card info, your Hummingbook account will be frozen. You won’t be able to book clients anymore. 😢 However, your calendars and previous bookings will remain accessible—just like they were during your trial.

If you attached your card during your trial, we’ll charge you when your trial is up. Have a change of heart? Cancel easily anytime.

Will you setup my account for me?

For sure. We did it for Leslie. We can do it for you. Just ask.

I have another question…

Christian here. I mean… I’m not a doctor… but I am an aeronautical engineer ✈️ who once super glued a stitch-worthy gash shut on my arm—with a butter knife. So… essentially… a doctor. 🙃 Send me your question…

PS: I’m genuinely curious: What’s holding you back from giving Hummingbook a shot? Maybe there’s a simple speed bump I can help you over. Email me. I’ll respond, but you don’t have to. No yucky sales tricks either. I simply want to rescue you from the endless slog of booking.