Limit how far out clients can book.

Hummingbook only shows your availability for the next 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, 365—you name it—days. Who else guards your TBD Hawaii vacation? ⛵️

an iphone calendar in month view with 10 days in the future highlighted
Say today is August 1. And your availability is set to Tuesday through Friday every week (that’s what those gray dots show). If you have your look ahead time set to 10 days, your clients will only see availability through the 10th.
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I’ll have to constantly readjust my hours.


You can set your hours once; let’s say Tuesday through Friday 10-6. They’ll repeat on into eternity (if you setup repeat rules) so you don’t have to constantly change them.

When your clients book, they’ll only see X days out.

PS: The screenshot above shows 10 days out, but you can set your look ahead days to be anything—the default is 90 days (3 months).

10 days?! I want my clients to see more than that!

Don’t worry! The default is your clients can book 90 days—3 months—out. We just used 10 days to demonstrate how look ahead works. You can change your look ahead window to whatever you wish: 3, 30, 300—whatever you wish—days. Let us know what you prefer.

😫 I don’t have any upcoming Hawaii vacations to protect.


Shouldn’t the 1st be included in your example?

Good eye! You’d think that. But Hummingbook has another feature called Delay. This prevents your clients from catching you off guard with a booking in the next 24 hours. (That’s the default. You can set it to whatever you wish, including 0.)

Why does your calendar start on Mondays? It should be Sunday.

Hi. Christian here. Great question! Because my mom was born in Germany. The German week (and calendar) starts with Monday (Montag) rather than Sunday. So that’s how my calendar is setup.

Plus: The word weekend literally means the end of the week. Since most Americans start work on Mondays, shouldn’t the final two days of the week—Saturday & Sunday—be considered the END of the week and thus show on the calendar as the end, rather than one on the end, and the other on the start??

Am I wrong? Tell me! Am I right? Then…

Be German 🇩🇪 like me: Go to Settings > Calendar > Start Week on > Monday. (Your US iPhone Calendar will otherwise default to Sundays.) 😃