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Tired of scheduling clients?

Sick of the constant back and forth? The no-shows? The random holes in your day? A wall of unread texts? Wish clients would just magically show up on your schedule? They can. Take your life back with Hummingbook, the don’t-make-me-think scheduler.

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“It really works. It makes your life a million times easier.”

Alyssa W. • Hairdresser • Tempe, AZ
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Your client clicks your link. They see this: your list of services and prices beautifully displayed on any phone, tablet, or computer. Pushing that next button couldn’t be easier.

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“By noon—before Hummingbook—I’d have 10 texts from unknowns all asking when I can get them in. It was mind numbing. Now I wake up to actual appointments in my calendar. It’s magic.”

Colleen R. • Permanent Makeup Artist • Tempe, AZ
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Top 3 reasons you’ll love Hummingbook…

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Take back your life & melt the stress of scheduling forever.

Are you missing the now of your life? Stop scheduling manually. Take your life back and let clients book appointments online.

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Dissolve the holes in your day.

Gaps in your day suck. Hummingbook builds your day around existing appointments. No more swiss cheese.

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Keep your schedule private.

Let clients book appointments online without exposing your calendar. Hummingbook only shows when you’re available—nothing more.

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Take your life back.

Try the don’t-make-me-think scheduler™ free for 30 days. Simple setup. Risk-free guarantee. Pay-as-you-go pricing.

WARNING: If you’re in one of these 5 industries, you need Hummingbook.

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Permanent makeup artist.

Think your permanent makeup scheduling is too complex to be handled by Hummingbook? Think again. Let Hummingbook find out if your client had permanent makeup before via custom questions. Offer different prices for touch-ups. Have your clients sign a notice to not take vitamins or medicine prior to their visit. Hummingbook was originally designed for a busy permanent makeup artist in Phoenix, AZ.

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Are you a people-pleasing hairstylist swamped with texts? Is your phone constantly buzzing? Stop killing yourself! Let clients book appointments online, yet stay in complete control of your calendar. Change your hours at the drop of a hat without logging into anything. Raise your rates without being the bad guy. Find out if a client is going from light to dark so you can be prepared. It’s hairstylist scheduling software on steroids.

massage therapist tool: a bottle of massage therapist oil

Massage therapist.

Turn cushioning on so you can turn down your massage table between appointments. Hummingbook puts a consistent buffer—5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc.—between your appointments. Rest those weary hands, recharge, and avoid burnout.

body waxer tool: a depilatory stick with body wax dripping off

Body waxer.

If you’re like most body waxers, you need to allow short and odd-length appointments. Hummingbook frees you from the grid. Your appointments can be 5, 7, 28, 76, etc. minutes. Hummingbook adds up the times and prices as your client selects multiple services, and finds the perfect place for them with Smart Snapping™. You can even have clients sign an online notice agreeing that they’ll arrive early—and with hair that’s long enough to wax!

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Lash technician.

With tweezers in your hand all day, do you really have time to be scheduling clients while you’re working? Nope. You’re busy enhancing your ladies lashes. Hummingbook schedules your lash appointments for you right through Instagram, Facebook, or text. There’s nothing for you to login to or learn. Appointments show up directly in the calendar that’s already on your phone. Easy peasy.

Not listed?

No problem. If you book your own clients and it’s driving you insane, Hummingbook is made for you. Unsure? Call/text us at (480) 254-2944. We’re friendly. :)

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Still scared to switch?

That’s ok. Sometimes you just need to talk to a real human. Text or call us day or night: (480) 254-2944.

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