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The best online booking system for beauty pros.

You’re searching for the best online booking system. Why? Because you’re sick of the constant back and forth. The random holes in your schedule. The no-shows. The walls of unread texts. The around-the-clock interruptions. Carol’s “I thought it was next week” excuse. And all those lost hours scheduling… ugh…

Take. Back. Your. Life!!!

Hummingbook is the best online booking system for beauty pros craving a gorgeous, don’t-make-me-think online booking system.

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“It really works. It makes your life a million times easier.”

Alyssa W. • Hairdresser • Tempe, AZ
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5 benefits set Hummingbook apart as the best online booking system. № 3 might amaze you.

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No apps

No apps to download or learn. Appointments land directly in the calendar you already use. It’s an online booking system that works with your existing apps. More…

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Lightning text

Book clients in seconds by replying to texts with “hb”—it’s that easy. More…

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Smart Snapping™

Enjoy a hole-free, no-gaps schedule. No more waiting between appointments. More…

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Iron-clad privacy

Steer clear of judging eyes and only show your available times. Your hours are never listed nor are your filled slots ever shown. More…

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Persuade clients to book more and think less. The don’t-make-me-think philosophy is plaited into every pixel of Hummingbook. More…


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“By noon—before Hummingbook—I’d have 10 texts from unknowns all asking when I can get them in. It was mind numbing. Now I wake up to actual appointments in my calendar. It’s magic.”

Colleen R. • Permanent Makeup Artist • Tempe, AZ
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The only online booking system with don’t-make-me-think built in. Here’s proof.

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It’s midnight. You’re sleeping—Haley’s scrolling. An IG post inspires her. She taps your Hummingbook online booking link in your bio. Your services zap onto her screen. The text is friendly and easy to read. Big, clickable buttons coax her onward. It’s a beautiful experience on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Haley sleeps with one less thing to remember. You wake up to a fresh, new appointment in the calendar app you already use.

Is Hummingbook really the best online booking system ever?

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“Awesome. Hummingbook tells people how long their appts will be. Clients always ask me this. The best part? That one appointment—my first one with Hummingbook—netted me an extra $30. And the first person to ever book should have been the biggest pain in the a$$. Nope. She just booked. No questions. No texts. No problems.”

Mark Y. • Hairdresser • Scottsdale, AZ
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Are you in one of these five industries? Then Hummingbook is the online booking system you need.

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Permanent makeup artist online booking

Think your permanent makeup scheduling is too complex to be handled by an online booking system? Think again.

Let Hummingbook find out if your client had permanent makeup before via custom questions. Offer different prices for touch-ups. Have your clients sign a notice/agreement to not take vitamins or medicine prior to their visit. No more paper!!

Hummingbook is the best online booking system for permanent makeup artists because it was literally designed for a busy permanent makeup artist in Phoenix, AZ.

expensive hairstylist shears

Hairstylist online booking system

Are you a busy hairstylist swamped with texts? Is your phone constantly buzzing? Are your clients frustrated you don’t get back to them sooner? Stop killing yourself—and your business!

Book clients in seconds via text by replying with “hb”—it’s that easy. Modify your hours at the drop of a hat straight from your phone’s calendar. Raise your rates without being the bad guy. Ask clients is they’re going from light to dark so you can be adjust times/prices as needed.

Hummingbook is a one-of-a-kind online booking system that lets you stay in complete control of your schedule.

bottle of massage therapist oil

Massage therapist online booking system

Are your hands sore after a long day? Shoulders tight? Need your own massage therapist after being a massage therapist all day?

What you need is scheduled rest! Tell Hummingbook to build in an automatic cushion between all your appointments. That 15 minute break—or whatever you specify—after each client might save your hands… and your career.

The added bonus? Clients get what they pay for. A 45 minute massage is 45 minutes. With Hummingbook, there’s no more need to build a buffer into your clients’ appointments. Rest your weary hands and turn on cushioning.

depilatory stick with body wax dripping off

Body waxer online booking system

Most online booking systems force you to segment your hours and services into 15 minute increments. This doesn’t fly if you’re a body waxer with shorter service durations.

Hummingbook frees you from the grid. Allow clients to book short and odd-length appointments; 5, 10, 17, 35, etc minutes.

Hummingbook adds up times and prices as your client selects multiple services and finds the perfect place for them with Smart Snapping™. You can even have clients sign an online notice/agreement saying they’ll arrive early—and with hair long enough to wax. How cool is that?!

fake lashes that lash technicians use

Lash technician online booking system

With tweezers in your hand all day, do you really have time to going back and forth with clients trying to book while you’re working? Nope. You’re busy enhancing your ladies lashes—and being their psychotherapist. ;)

With Hummingbook, clients book their lash appointments with you right through your Instagram, Facebook or website.

Is your phone still blowing up? Book clients in seconds via text by replying with “hb”—it’s that easy.

Bonus? There’s no new app to download or learn. Appointments show up directly in the calendar you already use. It’s magic.

Not listed?

No problem. If you book your own clients and it’s driving you insane, Hummingbook is absolutely for you. Unsure? Call/text us at (480) 254-2944 for a no-pressure chat. We’re friendly. :)

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Take your life back

16,521 appointments booked so far. Let Hummingbook book yours. Risk-free, money-back guarantee. Go on… give it a whirl.

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