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Let clients book appointments online with the best online scheduling tool available. (HINT: These 6 reasons will convince you.)

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You’re hunting for the best online scheduling tool to let clients book appointments online. Why? Because manually booking sucks. It drains your time, your energy, your sanity. It’s a ping pong match with two sweaty headbands and no winner.

And what about Haley? She wants to book an appointment with you. Now. But she can’t. Because you’re working. Or sleeping. Or feeding Taco and Pickles… your pet otters.

Fact: Your clients hate waiting for you—they want to book NOW. You’re leaving money on the table if you don't let clients book appointments online.

It ends today.

Hummingbook is the best online scheduling tool money can buy. It’s fast, friendly, and insanely easy-to-use. Don’t take our word for it—read 9 testimonials from people just like you.

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“It really works. It makes your life a million times easier.”

Alyssa Wells • Hairdresser • Tempe, AZ
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This one phone trick will save you 1.7 hours a week with clients. (Hint: You don’t need Hummingbook to use it.)

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6 reasons why Hummingbook is the best online scheduling tool.

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1. Uses your calendar.

Appointments land directly in your existing calendar app—the one you already know and love. There’s no new app to download or learn.

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2. No holes. No waiting.

Smart snapping finds the edges of your existing appointments and books new ones tight against them. No gaps. More money. 💰💜💰

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3. Client friendly.

Your online scheduling tool is your first impression. Hummingbook talks to your clients with the gentle tone of an old friend.

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4. Private & secure.

Clients only see your available times—nothing else. Add or shrink your availability on the fly for more appointments. Or more Netflix. 📺

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5. Custom lengths.

As your client chooses services, Hummingbook adds and subtracts time on the fly like a wizard with a TI-85. Custom built for you.

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6. Ultra effective.

Hummingbook gets butts in chairs and backs on beds. ⛵️ Clients book in seconds thanks to our “don’t make me think” philosophy.

How does it work?

Your client texts you: “Can you get me in this Friday?” You type “book now.” Your phone autocompletes a friendly, personal message. This message contains a link. You push send.

Your client books right from their phone in minutes flat.

Their appointment lands directly in your existing calendar. (Read that line again. It’s magical. ✨ This is not how a typical online scheduling tool works).

You both get an email confirmation. Your client gets two more reminders. Less no-shows. Stress gone. Hours returned.

The best permanent makeup scheduling tool this side of Mars. (Hint: it’s not just for permanent makeup artists.)

Scheduling permanent makeup appointments manually is complicated. Online? Nigh impossible.

High ticket items. Touchups or no touchups? Variable appointment times depending on the client. What about client forms? Pre-care instructions? And cancellation policies? “I need them to fill that stuff out before they book” you say.

Welcome to heaven.

We built our online scheduling tool from the ground up for a real, human permanent makeup artist

Meet Colleen. She’s the most in demand permanent makeup artist in Arizona. She’s worked on over 2500 clients. She was losing her mind trying to get back to everyone.

Hummingbook gave Colleen her life back. She saves at least seven hours a week. (And she makes more money per item.)

Permanent makeup artsits shouldn’t have all the fun: almost anyone can use our online scheduling tool.

Online booking for hairstylists that makes you more money.

It’s fun to tell you how great our online scheduling tool is. But it’s more fun if you hear straight from Mark Yori. He’s a hairdresser at Rumors in Scottsdale, AZ. 🌵

“Awesome. It [Hummingbook] tells people how long their appts will be. People always ask me this. The best part? That one appointment—my first one with you—netted me an extra $30. And the first person to ever book should have been the biggest pain in the a$$. Nope. She just booked. No questions. No texts. No problems.

An online scheduling tool for more than just the beauty industry.

Hair stylists, makeup artists, permanent makeup artists, aestheticians, massage therapists, and other beauty pros love our online scheduling tool.

What if you’re not in the beauty industry? No problem.

Hummingbook is personalized for you. If you’re a therapist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, tattoo artist, music instructor, personal trainer, doctor, or something else entirely—you’ll love it. Promise.

Isn’t it time your life got easier?

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