Book clients into iPhone Calendar.

It’s already baked into your iPhone. Jump around with six gorgeous views. Find future & past appts with blazing fast search. See your day at a glance with new home screen widgets. View all your calendars—personal, clients, kids—side by side or focus on one calendar only with the calendar picker. Stay in sync with iPhone/Mac/iPad/Watch integration. And enjoy the ease-of-use only Apple can perfect over a decade of development. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Other booking companies want you to abandon all this and deal with their clunky app. Not Hummingbook. There is no app. Book clients straight into your built-in iPhone Calendar—like magic.

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This is Calendar. It comes with your iPhone. Hummingbook puts all your bookings here—alongside your existing appointments—in a new calendar called “Appointments.”
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What’s the big deal with having two calendaring apps?

Other booking companies make you download their clunky calendar app to book clients online. That’s where they stuff all your booked appointments.

But hold up…

Don’t you already have a calendar app on your iPhone??

Yes… yes you do. It’s called… wait for it… Calendar. 😏 All your personal/family/work appointments are already stored there (or can be).

So what’s the problem?

You now have two calendar apps. One for clients. One for all the other stuff. That means there’s TWO places to check when scheduling something.

Your life just got harder—not easier.

  • Need to book a lunch? Make sure you’re free in your online booking app. And in Calendar.
  • Want to fit another client into your day? Open your personal calendar app and your booking calendar app.
  • Does Timmy’s tooth hurt? Better clear out two calendars for his dentist appointment.

🦖 This is a recipe for disaster.

Anytime you need to schedule something, you’ll have to flip back and forth between two apps, making sure you’re not accidentally double booking someone—or something.

How is Hummingbook different?

(In case you missed it above, other companies isloate your bookings into *their* own app.)

Hummingbook puts all your appointments into *your* existing app. The calendar app that’s on your iPhone right now.

Said differently: Hummingbook works with the calendar app you already use.

One app. One place to check your schedule-personal or business. One place to update your hours. Simple.

  • Stay organized with all your appointments in one app
  • Enjoy dark mode
  • Navigate easy with six calendar views
  • See who’s up next straight on your home screen
  • Check your your schedule from your anywhere: iPhone, iPad, Watch, or Mac—or any device that has a browser
  • See all appointments (personal/family/clients) at the same time or…
  • Focus on one calendar category (clients) at a time

Think about it this way: You don’t have a different email app for each email account. You have one email app. You go to one place to check all your email accounts. (While still having the ability to focus on one inbox at a time).

The same should be true of your appointments, and is true, when you use Hummingbook.

I’m visual: I need to see my month or week all at once.

Good news: Both those views are available to you in Calendar; plus four more. Once you get the hang of digital calendaring, you’ll wonder how you ever went without.

Think of it like text messaging. Do you remember thinking, “This is dumb. I can just call people.”

Can you imagine life without the efficiency of texting?

I’ve never used Calendar before. It’ll be too hard.

That’s ok. We’ll show you how. (Drop us a line anytime with any questions.) Like all things Apple, Calendar is dead simple. You’ll pick it up in a snap, and wonder how you ever lived without it.

I use a different calendar app (Fantastical, Google Calendar, etc.) and I don’t want to switch.

No problem! You can keep using your calendar app of choice. Or you can even use different calendar apps on different devices.

How? Hummingbook is built on the backbone of Google Calendar, which is the most popular calendaring system in the world. Any calendar app worth its salt supports Google Calendar, and thus, Hummingbook.

(If you have a free Gmail account, you already have Google Calendar.)

What’s your favorite calendaring app? Tell us.

I don’t have an iPhone.

That’s ok. Hummingbook works on Android too. It’s easy. All you need to do is download the Google Calendar app and you’re set. (Or use the calendar app of your choice.)

My booking app has a spot for personal stuff.

That’s great. But… you’re abandoning the power of your baked-in, built-in calendar app when you opt for something 3rd party.

You’ll miss things like your iOS next-up widget, syncing with your Mac, easy calendar sharing, Siri integration, and a bunch of other cool features that we’re probably forgetting.

Paper booking is more reliable.

You sure?

  • What if you lose it at the restaurant?
  • What if you forget to write down a booking?
  • What if you (or your assistant) scribbles out the wrong date?
  • Do you really like lugging that thing around in your purse?

6 more reasons to ditch your paper book.

PS: Ask us to tell you about Deyna’s paper book and how she thought she couldn’t live without it.