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Left your phone at Starbucks? Shattered your screen? Can’t find it for the life of you? No sweat. Pop open your Mac, iPad, or Windows PC, and your appointments & client details are there—safe and sound.

a macbook air with calendar displayed
This is a Macbook Air showing booked clients. It’s Calendar. On your Mac. You’ll see something similar on your iPad or Windows PC. Hummingbook works anywhere there’s a calendar.
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Don’t trust paper…

Your schedule is your life. Without it, you’re royally screwed.

This is why you might think paper is superior: A hard copy in your hand. What could go wrong? A lot…

Digital is better

Digital calendaring solves all these problems and more.

Your schedule is not only on your phone, it’s in the cloud. That means you can get to your appointments anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Everything is synced all the time.

Even if your phone is run over by a car, you’ll continue to get appointments and be able to update your hours.

Just log into your Gmail/Google account from any browser on any computer, iPad, or even a friend’s phone.

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Locations: Book in multiple locations
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