18 reasons why you should book your clients online with Hummingbook

Don’t underestimate 3 & 12.

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1. Take back your life & melt the stress of scheduling forever.

Are you missing the now of your life? Stop scheduling manually. Take your life back with the best client scheduler around.


2. Book clients in 5 seconds flat—or zero.

Get a text from a client? Type “hb” and press send. Hummingbook magically expands it into a link and your client books. Done.

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3. Dissolve the holes in your day.

Gaps in your day waste time, momentum, and money. No more! Hummingbook intelligently builds your day around existing appointments. Say bye to swiss cheese schedules.

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4. Keep your schedule private.

Let clients book appointments online without exposing your calendar. Hummingbook only shows when you’re available—nothing more.

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5. Book more appointments due to these 3 guiding principles.

Your clients will feel Hummingbook’s don’t-make-me-think philosophy in every tap, click, word, and pixel. Less frustration. More bookings.

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6. Curb no-shows cold; thanks to these.

Three precisely placed reminder emails ensure your client shows up at the right time and place. Excuses are a thing of the past.

7. Edit your hours at the drop of a hat.

Take Friday off. Extend your Saturday hours. Leave early Monday. Change your hours directly from your phone’s calendar without logging in.

8. Raise your prices without being the bad guy.

Give yourself a raise. Your clients accept the new price when booking. No need to have a heart-to-heart with each person.

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9. Let us setup your account for you.

Sure… you can setup your account all on your lonesome. But maybe you’re a technophobe. Or just insanely busy. We’ll do it for you.

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10. Recharge with built-in cushions.

Give yourself some wiggle room. Hummingbook can put a cushion between every appointment—if you wish.

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11. Protect future vacations.

Hummingbook only shows appointments available in the next 14, 30, 90, 365—you name it—days. Who else guards your TBD Hawaii vacation? ⛵️

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12. Ask clients custom questions.

Are there things you need to know before your clients book? Hummingbook asks these questions for you—every time.

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13. Ditch your paper intake forms.

Are there things you tell your clients over and over? Things they need to sign? Hand the heavy lifting over to Hummingbook.

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14. Sleep easy—your schedule is always backed up.

What if the worst happens: you loose your paper book? Or your phone drowns? You’re protected with Hummingbook.

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15. Book appointments online in multiple locations.

Whether you work in two offices, do over-the-phone consults, or chat with your clients on video, Hummingbook has your back.

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16. Share your schedule with anyone.

Coordinate schedules with your spouse, suite mate, assistant, or friend. Give them full access or just read-only, free/busy times.

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17. Use your iPhone’s built-in calendar app.

Don’t abandon the power of your iPhone’s built-in calendar app—tap into it. Hummingbook works seamlessly with your Apple calendar app.

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18. Risk-free, money-back guarantee.

If you stop loving Hummingbook for any reason, we’ll cancel your account and give you a refund for your last paid month.

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Take your life back.

Try the don’t-make-me-think booking app™ free for 30 days. Simple setup. Risk-free guarantee. Pay-as-you-go pricing.