Book clients in 5 seconds flat

Get a text from a client? Type “hb”, tap the shortcut, and press send. Your iPhone magically expands it into a link and your client books. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

an iphone 12 pro sending a booking link via text replacement
Imagine this is your phone. Christian, your client, texts you. All you have to do is type “hb”, tap the shortcut, and press send. Full send!
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One-app: Book clients into iPhone Calendar

Are you falling victim to the planning fallacy?

Right now it probably takes you about 5 minutes to book each client. Say you book 5 people a day. (That’s 5 min/person x 5 people/day x 5 days/week x 4 weeks/month.)

That’s 500 minutes/month.

You’re wasting 8.4 hours per month booking.

Hard to believe? You’re likely falling victim to The “planning fallacy” coined by Daniel Kahneman. This is a fancy way of saying humans constantly underestimate how long tasks take, even tasks they’ve completed a zillion times.

Let’s pretend Daniel is full of it, and halve our original estimate. Then you’re still sinking 4 hours a month into a mundane task that you don’t get paid for.

But I’d argue that it’s not even the time that’s the big problem. It’s the constant distraction. The endless back and forth. It prevents you from living in the now; from being present.

Take your life back

Handle each client in 5 seconds flat with Hummingbook.

Get a request for an appointment? Type “hb”, tap the shortcut text, and press send. You can do this wherever you can type: texting, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Your iPhone will expand your special shortcut (“hb”) into a blurb and a link book. You send it. They book. ⚡️

It’s lightning fast and honestly kinda magical.

PS: Post your booking link in your Instagram or Facebook bio (or anywhere else), and your clients can book without even bothering you.

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One-app: Book clients into iPhone Calendar
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