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Curb no-shows cold; thanks to these.

Three precisely placed reminder emails ensure your client shows up at the right time and place. Excuses are a thing of the past.

People are more distracted than ever. ADHD is at an all time high. The dinging device glued to your hand is designed to distract. If there’s something you can count on when manually booking clients, it’s that they’ll forget their appointment.

Hummingboook stops no-shows cold via three reminder emails. One confirmation email and two reminders. The confirmation goes out the instant they book. They get a second reminder 3 days before. A third hits their inbox 24 hours prior.

Each email contains your contact info, your location, and of course the time they’re scheduled. (Also a cancellation link for good measure.)

With Hummingbook, there’s no excuse for no-shows.

Edit your hours at the drop of a hat.

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Take your life back.

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