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The *long* story on how Hummingbook came to be…

Behold! My creative writing class is really about to pay off on this one. Hold up… I never took a creative writing class… I'm an aeronautical MFing engineer! ✈️ Hold onto your butts…

Colleen’s iced Americano cools her hands like a cold rag on a warm forehead. Plush chairs protect us from our forgotten to-do lists. Sugar and caffeine fuel our conversation.

It‘s our day off and we’re drinking in every second. Literally.

Until, of course, an innocent intruder rings in. Didn’t Colleen’s phone get the memo!?

Ring ring.

She silences it without checking. But inside she wonders.

Later we’re indulging in a mixed basket of seasoned and sweet potato fries at Delux burger. Is it the best burger joint in Phoenix? No one will ever know.

The fries stay toasty in miniature, chrome shopping carts complete with wheels and handles. They’re served with a sauce that makes angels cry.

So sweet, yet so salty… yet so tasty. How is this goodness even fathomable?!

Buzz buzz.

The table vibrates. There goes the moment we were just having. (Or was it just me?) Colleen looks at me. Then at her phone. Then at me again. She sighs. Poor thing.

I'm a boy. I try to fix it. “I mean, Colleen, look at the bright side: people want your permanent makeup on their face.”

Colleen doesn’t buy it. She flicks the fry at me. I snatch it out of the sky like a whippet intercepting a frisbee. Waste not want not.

Scheduling sucks

One more time, all together now: SCHEDULING SUCKS!

Let us count the ways:

  1. The constant back and forth.
  2. The lost time.
  3. The lost money.
  4. The lost energy.
  5. And the constant interruptions.
  6. And the constant interruptions.
  7. And the constant interruptions.

The interruptions never stop

The more successful you get, the worse it gets.

Remember when your phone used to mean “fun and friends”? But now you avoid it like the plague?

Scheduling sucks the fun out of your life much like the TSA spoils the splendor of flying. Yes, please check my grandma again—she’s definitely a threat.

Remember how I said I was a boy? And that I could fix it? Well I am. And I can. And I did.

After all, Sam and I make made $100,000 websites for a living. Surely this would be a walk in the park. Yeah right.

So I started digging. I talked to Colleen about permanent makeup and the complexity of her schedule.

I talked to our friends: aestheticians, hair stylists, eyelash extenders, massage therapists. I talked to anyone where appointments are the cornerstone of their living.

“How do you schedule now? What do you love? What do you hate? What would an ideal scheduling system look like?”

Here’s what I found out…


Take Heather. She’s an aesthetician. She uses paper and pencil and a thing called “the book.” I saw it first hand. Lots of pencil. Lots of eraser. Lots of work.

I asked her why she does it that way.

“This is what we were taught it beauty school. And it works. I don’t want to post my schedule online. I don’t want my clients knowing when I’m working and when I’m not. If I take two hour lunch, that’s my business, not theirs.”

I can solve that.


Onto Jamie. She’s my own personal beauty operator.” You know… my hairstylist. :) I chatted her up. She uses her salon’s receptionists, but isn’t thrilled.

“Humans are stupid. They screw up your appointments. They don’t put clients under the right stylist. They don’t enter the name right. Human error is the majority of my frustration.”

I can solve that.


Last but not least: Bailey. She’s a successful hairstylist in an award-winning Scottsdale Salon. Bailey uses a popular app for it’s automatic reminders. Yet she still inputs her clients manually.

Confused, I sat down with her to find out why.

“There’s nothing more annoying than having an appointment at 10 am, and then my next at 5 pm. That’s what happens when people book online: they can book wherever they want. I’m stuck waiting. Plus the app is a little buggy and scary when they update it. It’s a bit clunky.”

I can solve that.

The more complaints I heard, the more exited I got.

I can solve that

I started asking my own critical questions. If I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right.

Like a Christmas tree, light bulb after light bulb turned on—sans the pine fresh scent.

I saw a better way—a much better way. Hummingbook was born. And I think you’re gonna love it.

There you have it. Colleen loves it. Her friends love it. Will you? Try Hummingbook free for 30 days to find out.

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Christian Tessmer

PS: Any tips on how to get sharpie off your screen??! 🤪

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Nobody’s waiting on me

“Ever since I started Hummingbook, I’M JUST BOOKED! It’s crazy. I’m booked three weeks. I had to start changing my schedule so I wasn’t working 16 hours day. People have saved the link as a bookmark. They just go on there. Whenever they want. It’s the best thing ever. They can be at their desk from work, and don’t have to wait to hear from me. I’m so excited about it. It has been super awesome. I can’t even explain how awesome it’s been to you. I not only have people going, “this is the best thing ever leslie”, but when they show up on the wrong day, I can point them to the confirmation email.”

Leslie J.
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