White glove setup

Setting up your Hummingbook account is easy as pie. But maybe you’re a technophobe. Or just insanely busy. Not to worry: I’ll setup your account you.

handwritten services and pricing on an index card
Leslie wrote her services on a 3x5 card during her break and text it to me. “I hate technology!!! Will you put these in for me??” No problem. Ask one of the big brands to do this—they won’t.
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Cushion: Give yourself some wiggle room

Don’t let an irrational fear hold you back

Yes. Hummingbook is simple to setup on your own. But it still might seem scary for you. I get it! This might be a huge change for you. Don’t fear!

Whether you’re a technophobe glued to your paper appointment book, or you just don’t have enough time in the day to breathe, I have you covered.

I’ll setup Hummingbook for you

How? Just text or email me a pic of your services, prices, and durations. I'll start your account, enter your services, and dial things in.

Then, once you have a little time, I’ll text you and personally show you the ropes.

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Cushion: Give yourself some wiggle room
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Free 30 day trial No card required