Ditch your paper intake forms.

No more printing. No more storing. No more clutter. Instead, tell your clients what they need to know via a digital agreement. They sign with a click.

an online agreement that people can read and digitally sign
This is Adele’s agreement. She used it to tell her hair clients about a price increase. Use yours for anything you'd like. Short, long, formal, friendly—whatever you wish. Client’s can’t book without clicking that box.
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I don’t want my clients to have to sign anything.

No problem. This feature is totally optional. You can turn your agreement on or off at will.

What do people use these agreements for?

Agreements are great to communicate things like your cancellation policy, how you handle late comers, how it’d be nice if they washed their hair before 😝 coming in, before/aftercare procedures, etc.

I’m not sure how to convert my paper forms into digital.

We’re good at wrangling text; you don’t have to be. Drop us a line. We’ll sort it out together.