Take back your peace.

The old way of booking is an endless ping pong match. It leaves you overrun and overwhelmed. With Hummingbook? Deyna said it best: “you’re no longer a slave to your phone.”

notifications gone wild
Before: You’re buried under a heap of notifications: “When can you get me in?”“Sorry gotta cancel, little Suzzy is miraculously sick again [like she was for my last appt].”“Are we still on for Saturday?”“Did you get my text?? [It’s been a whole 3 minutes since I wrote. You’re so unprofessional!!!] ” After: Your clients book themselves while you stay in complete control.
64,178 appts booked No credit card required Cancel any time

You’re exaggerating: booking clients isn’t that bad.

You could be right.

But it’s more than likely you’re numb to the pain.

According to Daniel Kahneman, you’re falling into the trap of the planning fallacy. In short: we drastically underestimate how much time something takes us—even if we’ve done that thing many times.

Try this: Next time you tell someone you’ll “be there in 10 minutes” start a timer on your phone…

I’ll lose control of my schedule if clients book themselves.

You’re not alone thinking this. It’s a common misconception. You’re in more control than you think:

  1. You never have to make your booking link public. Keep it private and only give it to the clients you trust.
  2. Keep gapless scheduling turned on so clients can’t book willy-nilly in your schedule—turning it to Swiss cheese 🧀.
  3. Adjust your availability anytime in seconds directly from your phone’s built-in calendar.
  4. Limit booking to the next 3 days only. Or 3 weeks. Shutdown next Saturday so you can go to the lake. Your schedule is as flexible as you are.
  5. We never ask you for or publish your “Hours of operation.” That’s a foreign phrase over here. This isn’t a 9-5. This is your business. Your schedule. Your life. You can be as flexible as a Twizzler on the dash of a Honda in a Circle K parking lot. Hello fellow Arizonians ☀️🌵.