Share your schedule with anyone

Share schedules with your spouse, suite mate, assistant, or friend. Give them whatever access you’re comfy with: let them make edits, read only, or only see start/stop times.

a calendar view with all personal info hidden
Say you share your calendar with Jordan, your suite mate. You want her to know when you’ll be in, but not your clients’ names, numbers, or other details.
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Very important people (VIPs) in your life constantly ask you about your schedule.

Maybe it’s your suite mate, spouse 😘, assistant, boo-thang, squirrel monkey 🐿, or bae (is that still a thing??).


Share your calendar with these VIPs and put an end to the constant questions.

Because Hummingbook is built on Google Calendar, you can share anything with anyone at anytime.

But don’t worry: you stay in total control of what they can and can’t do; what they can and can’t see.

The best part? Your VIPs always see the most up-to-date version of your schedule, regardless of what device they’re on. Any changes you make are instantly updated on their side.

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Guarantee: Use Hummingbook with zero risk
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