Share your schedule with anyone.

Have an assistant, suite mate, spouse, or friend who needs to know your comings & goings? Grant them access to your schedule in three different ways. Revoke anytime.

a calendar view with all personal info hidden
Say you share your calendar with Jordan, your suite mate. You want her to know when you’ll be in, but not your clients’ names, numbers, or other details.
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I’m still confused on why I’d want to share my schedule with someone.

Very important people (VIPs) in your life might constantly ask you about your schedule.

Maybe it’s your suite mate, spouse 😘, assistant, boo-thang, squirrel monkey 🐿, or bae (is that still a thing??).

  • Suite mate: “Are you working Friday?”
  • Suite mate: “Can I fit someone in Tuesday afternoon?”
  • Suite mate: “What about Thursday the 27th?”
  • Assistant: “Who do we have coming in next?”
  • Assistant: “What are we doing for Jenn?”
  • Assistant: “How slammed are we today?”
  • Spouse: “You free for lunch Wednesday?”
  • Spouse: “When’s your last one on Saturday?”
  • Spouse: “Are you working late tonight? Again?? Because if you are, I’m taking the dog and leaving you. 🚁”

Why can’t they see the full appointment details?

They can if you give them those permissions. The screenshot above is just showing the most restricted form. There are four levels of sharing:

  1. Limited (show start/stop times only)
  2. Read-only (see appt details, but can’t edit)
  3. Writable (view and edit information).
  4. Manage (own, share, view, and edit info)

I want all the deets of how this works.

Sharing puts an end to the constant questions from your VIPs.

Because Hummingbook is built on Google Calendar, you can share anything with anyone at anytime.

But don’t worry: you stay in total control of what they can and can’t do; what they can and can’t see.

  • Grant full access so VIPs can make changes
  • Restrict them so they can see names and details but not edit
  • Hide personal info (names, numbers, etc.) but still show when you’re free/busy
  • Share your hours, your appointments, or both
  • Give each person different levels of detail
  • Cut anyone off at anytime

The best part? Your VIPs always see the most up-to-date version of your schedule, regardless of what device they’re on. Any changes you make are instantly updated on their side.

Can I share my availability too? How??

Yes. You can share both your appointments calendar and your availability (your hours) calendar.

This is easiest to do on a bigger screen (laptop or iPad). Here’s how:

  1. Login to Google calendar account
  2. Hover over the calendar you want to share [in left sidebar]
  3. Click the three dots
  4. Click Settings and sharing
  5. Click Share with specific people
  6. Click Add people
  7. Pop in their email address.
  8. Adjust permissions
  9. Click Send

Contact us if you get stumped.