Give yourself a raise

Give yourself an instant raise. Your clients accept the new price when booking. No need to have a dramatic heart-to-heart with each person.

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Setup: White glove setup

How long has it been?

When’s the last time you raised your prices? A year ago? Two? Five? Never?

Why? Haven’t you improved? Haven’t you gained more experience? Aren’t you just flat out better now than you were five years ago?

And even if you aren’t (hint: you are), isn’t there something called inflation that you need to account for??

You deserve one, like, NOW!

Friend… it’s time for a raise. You deserve it.

Let Hummingbook deliver the “bad” news.

Your prices are listed in plain sight while clients book. Hummingbook tallies their total just like on Amazon. (There’s nothing for you to explain or rationalize.)

Most clients won’t bat an eye. And to the few that do, well, do you really want someone that cries over $5?

PS: Lots of Hummingbook customers use Hummingbook, their new booking system, as an ”excuse“ to raise their rates. Some by $5 an item, and others by $15. Some by $150! This is has never put anyone out of business. In fact, it’s only made their clientele better! Read Mark's experience below.

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Setup: White glove setup
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