Give yourself a raise.

Increase your prices without being the bad guy. Your clients see & accept your new prices just as they would while buying something from Amazon. No dramatic heart-to-hearts needed.

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Each of my clients has their own “special” price.

It’s easy to fall into this trap.

You’re trying to be nice. (Or just trying to get business!) And you end up with prices all over the map. Isn’t that stressing you out? Making you resentful?

Transitioning to online booking is the perfect time to standardize your pricing.

I don’t feel right charging more.

When’s the last time you raised your prices? A year ago? Two? Five? Never?

Haven’t you improved? Haven’t you gained more experience? Aren’t you just flat out better now than you were five years ago?

And even if you aren’t (hint: you are), isn’t there something called inflation that you need to account for??

Christian here. Take it from me: I’ve seen many customers raise their prices. I’ve never seen it end in disaster. If you do good work, and have a good relationship with your clients, they’ll be happy to pay a bit more.