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Fuel your body via intramuscular injection. It’s a quick jab in the thigh or a poke in the butt. (Your choice—I won’t judge! 🤣)

  • $25 • 10 min • ZOFRAN helps settle your stomach. Mom’s Canada Dry remedy has nothing on this.
  • $25 • 10 min • GLUTATHIONE counteracts free radicals—which contribute to aging and disease and protects your body from their damaging effects.
  • $25 • 10 min • BENADRYL stops itching in it’s tracks.
  • $25 • 10 min • B-12- Boost your energy to support your busy bee lifestyle.
  • $40 • 10 min • B-12 and MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline) combo. Can you say synergy? I can. Boost your energy, lose weight, and gain muscle mass.
  • $25 • 10 min • LIPOIC ACID. Drop the pounds with this antioxidant.
  • $40 • 10 min • Want to get ripped? Maybe even shredded? Enhance your workout performance, promote recovery, and help build muscle with this amino acid blend of GLUTAMINE, ORNITHINE, L-ARGINE, L-CARNATINE, and LYSINE.
  • $40 • 10 min • TORODOL relieves muscle pain faster than you can say Ron Burgundy.
  • $40 • 10 min • Boost your immune system with VITAMIN C and ZINC before the next plague annihilates us all.