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Sleep easy—your schedule is always backed up.

What if the worst happens: you loose your paper book? Or your phone drowns? You’re protected with Hummingbook.

You leave your paper book behind at a restaurant. That free scheduling app you download crashes. Or… heaven forbid… your phone takes a permanent drink from the toilet.

All your appointments—gone.

Not with Hummingbook. Your appointments are always backed up in the cloud.

And getting them back is easy. Just log into your Gmail/Google account from any phone/tablet/computer with a browser and boom. There they are—safe and sound in Google calendar, right where you left them.

And hey look at that!! You even got new bookings… while you were fixing your phone or getting a new one!

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Book appointments online in multiple locations.

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Take your life back.

Try the don’t-make-me-think booking app™ free for 30 days. Simple setup. Risk-free guarantee. Pay-as-you-go pricing.