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Recharge with built-in cushions.

Give yourself some wiggle room. Hummingbook can put a cushion between every appointment—if you wish.

We’re all about efficiency—but not if it costs you your calm. Need a break between each appointment to clean up, take notes, prep for your next one, account for clients that take a little longer than others, or simply decompress?

Just tell Hummingbook to put in a 5, 10, 15 or more minutes between your appointments. You’ll have a consistent cushion so you stay calm and in control of your day.

appointment blocks on the left are tight together; blocks on the right have a consistent space (aka: cushion) between each

Left—cushion off: Out of the box, Hummingbook stacks your appointments back to back with no space in between. That’s Smart Snapping in action.

Right—cushion on: Turn on cushioning for a consistent cushion to recharge between each appointment.

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Protect future vacations.

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Take your life back.

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