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Peaceful: Melt the stress of scheduling


You don’t trust risk-free money back guarantees. You’re suspicious. You’ve been duped before.

I get it.

There’s a lot of companies out there who turn up the friction on cancelling so you give up. That’s shitty. And that’s not us…


If you ever want to cancel, text, email, or chat us and let us know. We’ll cancel your account and refund your last month’s payment.

There’s no fine print.

Still not buying it?

Text me the founder (Hi 👋 my name is Christian) right now.

Is it 1 am? Who cares! I might be up! Strike while the iron is hot 🔥 and text now.

Hummingbook might literally change your life! Don’t let the false fear of being locked in stand in your way.

Punch in my number (480)-254-2944. Ask me about Tina & Biscuit, my llamas. Find out what I love about my emus, Mango & Coconut. Or… pssst… ask me for a discount code.

If I’m 💤 sleeping, I’ll text you when I wake up.

Once you see how easy it is to get a hold of us—of me—you won’t have to worry about being left high and dry if you ever wish to pull the plug.

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Peaceful: Melt the stress of scheduling
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