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Use your iPhone’s built-in calendar app.

Don’t abandon the power of your iPhone’s built-in calendar app—tap into it. Hummingbook works seamlessly with your Apple calendar app.

Apple has spent millions perfecting their calendar app. Their calendar is woven into the very fabric of your phone.

Fact: You will not find a more seamless calendaring experience than Apple’s calendar app.

You can check your availability via Siri, tap on a date in a text message or email to add it to your schedule, and check your notification center to see what’s on your plate today.

So what’s the problem? Other online scheduling software asks you to abandon all this awesomeness and download their mediocre, buggy calendar app.

That’s a fool’s errand! It’d be like ripping out the steering wheel controls to your stereo.

Don’t abandon the power of your built-in calendar app—tap into it. Hummingbook works directly with your baked-in Apple or Google calendar.

Revel in the powerful calendaring experience for which your phone was designed.

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